Bruce Baumeister

Recently appointed to the Board Of Governors of the National Association of Non-profit Organizations & Executives (NANOE), Bruce Baumeister has been in the innovation development community for over twenty years. He has gained a critical combination of knowledge and experience through direct collaboration with inventors at all stages in the innovation process, Cooperative work in both the public and private sectors, attendance of college-level creative process/critical thinking seminars and conferences on innovation and market society. As a CEO to the Innovation Development Corporation he participated in the Inventors incentives program with the U.S. Dept of Energy.

He has been an active participant in the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Society (TIES) at Purdue University in applying creative teaching standards to students and adding value in the classroom. Bruce has also encouraged children to embrace the creative process by teaching brainstorming workshops in Chicago neighborhoods. He has also sprouted seeds of activism and empowerment in the local communities as Chairman of the United States Postal Advisory Council in facilitating meetings between the Postal Agency and community, which have resulted in the resolution of customer complaints. His collaborative efforts have been extended to the Arizona where he has done extensive consulting work for Global Marketing. Also as an active member of the MIT Enterprise Forum, Bruce has assisted inventors internationally in articulating their ideas, formalizing business plans and getting through the licensing process. He has served on this and other sub-committees to review grant proposals for product development. He has received outstanding service awards from Illinois Institute for Entrepreneurship Education, and has advanced countless products into market and completion.

Bruce holds membership in (Past & Present)

  • Chicago Assoc. of Neighborhood Development
  • Economic Development Commission
  • Entrepreneurial Service Committee
  • Friends of Small Business Communions. Commission
  • Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Illinois Institute for Entrepreneurship Education
  • Inventors Council of Ohio
  • Licensing Executives Committee
  • MIT Enterprise Forum
  • National Executives Committee
  • North Business & Industrial Council
  • Society of American Inventors